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All ORDERS THAT ARE CANCELLED WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 10% CHARGE DUE TO FEES BY PAY-PAL. PLEASE EMAIL ON SUPPLIES BEFORE YOU ORDER THANKS New Pro safe items 1 screws , 1 touches, sleeves NEW ITEM'S , Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolving Skies Build & Battle Deck Box 29.99, Pokémon Stadium 59.99, Ultimate Guard 35pt 1 Touch Box of 20 32.99, Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolving Skies Build & Battle Deck 24.99, 2020-21 Donruss Optic Basketball Hobby Box Factory Sealed Box 784.99

Shipping & Return

* Not all items are free shipping ( example case price toploads, sleeves and 9 pockets) Hi,AK,PR and US teriitories May Have add'l charges

* Returns please contact me at (515) 852-4156 most items are buyers responsible for return shipping

* Not Responsible For typying errors or web issues.

*Some item can be out of stock when order is placed we will try to fill but cant refund will be generated

*Grizzley Coolers are free Shipping In Contential USA all defects you will have to goto


*Also preorders can not be combined with instock products to get free shipping PLEASE order pre orders and current in stock seperatly or will be charged shipping and wont ship till paid.

*IF a order is cancelled Before we Ship, PayPal Keeps the fees so we will deuct 5% for the issue.

*If you Re retuning aItem factory Sealed Back There will Be a 20% restocking fee.

* If a return is sent back opened And not original there will Be a MIninum of 50% deduction or no refund at all.